ADV Bike Setup

December 04, 2016 1 min read

Check sag every ride on adventure bikes

ADV bikes have become incredibly popular in recent years and for good reason- they are very fun and extremely versatile. One of the most overlooked things I have seen among many ADV riders is proper bike setup. Since the load changes regularly on these bikes, it is very important to verify your suspension is setup correctly so the bike handles properly. A heavy load in the rear will cause the bike to steer poorly and possibly wash out in turns. If you remove the load, suddenly the bike can easily over-steer and knife in the turns and have head shake and become unstable at higher speeds. By adjusting the amount of spring preload each time the load changes, you can make sure the bike always handles it's best and is balanced and predictable. This will assure the bike is safe and it will provide a much more enjoyable experience. You can also adjust your sag specifically to the type of terrain for on and off-road as well as higher speed conditions or very tight turns. By taking just a minute to adjust your spring preload you can make sure your bike is always safe, fun and predictable. 

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