Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale vs. The Competition

June 26, 2014 2 min read

Dave Moss Trusts Slacker for suspension setup.

Technology is supposed to make things better – new products come out all the time which frequently make our lives easier. Think about it – computers used to be these giant file-cabinet sized things that took days to do anything. Now, you can look up anything you want on the internet in nanoseconds with a device in your pocket. Our tools have also become more advanced. The bikes that we love and ride are constantly evolving; new technology is making them faster, safer and more fun to ride! One thing that hasn’t changed is how we setup our suspension– until now. 

The ‘conventional’ (aka outdated and tedious) way of setting the rider sag on your motorcycle involves using an inaccurate mechanical sag scale or a tape measure and some helpers. You’ll need two or more people – or you’ll struggle with inaccurate mechanical sag tools that claim to only require one person. Then you realize the measurements you are depending on are off by 10mm or more. This can be an incredibly frustrating process – fumbling around with inaccurate mechanical scales, getting the wrong reading or finding another person or two to help you and hoping they take the measurement correctly. In addition to being a pain in the ass to actually do, the analog nature of these tools and the inevitable “human factor” means that you’re not getting the most accurate reading.

At Motool, we were sick of going through this process – not being able to setup the suspension without assistance, fumbling around with tape measures and pencils and never really getting an accurate measurement. We knew there was a better way to set your motorcycle’s suspension, and that’s why we invented a  that was stupid easy to use with super accurate measurements, so you could quickly get your suspension setup correctly and get to testing or just enjoying your bike out on the road or dirt.

The Motool Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner makes it easy for a single rider to get accurate suspension sag measurements in a matter of seconds. Simply stick the Slacker scale to the front  or rear axle,  put the clamp on the plate, extend the cable and turn it on while the bike is on the stand (suspension unloaded) and that is your “0” point. Slacker will simply measure how far the suspension is compressed from that point. A remote display can strap to the handlebar, allowing you to easily get a real-time reading on the sag as you sit on the bike in a normal riding position. Boom.

It’s really that simple – no tape measures, no cheap mechanical scales, no wondering if the other person measured correctly and no BS – just quick, accurate readings of your motorcycle suspension made easy. If you’re ready for a better way to setup your suspension properly and get the best ride of your life, check out our SLACKER digital sag scale today!

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