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Why bike setup is so important for performance, and safety

Why is setting sag on mountain bikes so important?

Modern bike setup is based on the bike sitting at a particular height and posture, with the rider mounted, regardless of the weight of the rider. AKA- the bike needs to be adjusted for different weights, so it will sit the same for different riders and loads. Every rider needs to measure the rider sag and adjust the spring preload, so the bike handles properly and is safe for that particular rider. While the O-ring provided on most air shocks and forks is an easy way to set sag, it is not a good way to do it. It is a very rough, and not easily repeatable measurement. It is critical to check sag regularly and adjust for different conditions. Even if you have no experience setting up motorcycle suspension, the Slacker V4 Digital Suspension Tuner makes it super fast and easy to make sure your bike is setup properly. With just a couple of simple measurements, you can get your spring preload dialed in, verify if you have the right spring rates installed and see if you have any service issues. Just use our Service Assistant mobile app for recommended settings and tips.

How often should I check my sag?

With mountain bikes, we recommend checking it every ride and adjusting it for changing conditions. For faster conditions, run a little extra sag for stability, and for the tight stuff, run a little less for better steering. It is especially important to make this adjustment whenever you add a passenger and once you are riding solo again. Also, remember, as springs, bushings and fluids break in, the sag will change and your body weight does vary up to 8 pounds during a day. I have seen my sag go down 8mm in one week for no reason, not even a major elevation or weather change.

Do I need to service my mountain bikes suspension?

Yes, you should get the suspension serviced at least every 20-30 hours of riding. As the fluids break down, and bushings, bearings, and seals wear, the suspension will start to perform poorly. Also, remember to grease any linkage, pivot points and shock mount points whenever you service the suspension. 

How can i tell if my suspension has issues?

A quick way to tell if your suspension has issues is by keeping track of your static sag. If you check your sag regularly, you will naturally catch it if the static sag starts to get bigger or smaller than when you first set the bike up, with freshly service suspension. This could indicate sticky linkage, bushings or seals or it could indicate the fluids are shot. Slacker makes it super easy, just take your rider sag and step off the bike. Now, you will see the static sag, and can keep track of your measurements and clicker settings in our free Service Assistant app! Unhealthy suspension systems can cause serious risk and injury, always make sure to track both your rider, and static sag measurements each ride to avoid a bad situation. 

why is slacker the best tool?

Slacker is a patented system, it is the only tool on earth that allows you to easily take realtime measurements while seated in a normal riding position. The key is that you can use our patented Slacker Wireless remote Display, or the Virtual Remote app, so you can see the real-time measurement right in your eye, on the handle bars. You can easily see how your movement affects the measurement and catch any service issues by keeping track of your static sag. Slacker is truly the only tool that allows you to set your bike up properly with no assistance. It is also hands down, the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to set up your bike!

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