Slacker MTB Bundle

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Cut the O-Ring!

Slacker is perfect for setting up air or spring shocks and forks. This tool makes it super simple for anyone to quickly take real-time measurements and make adjustments with absolutely no assistance. Checking suspension sag and health regularly and adjusting it for different riding conditions is key to getting the most out of your bikes suspension and assuring the bike is predictable and safe! It is super easy to adjust and you will kick yourself for not doing it as a regular part of your usual bike setup sooner.

Fast, Simple, Precise-

Slacker is a patented system that allows anyone to quickly and easily setup their bike’s suspension. Measuring sag at the shock is horribly inaccurate and does not allow for fine adjustments. In fact, if you set your bike up once using an o-ring on the shock and then set it up again you will be hard pressed to be anywhere near the original setting. Slacker can show you exactly how much sag you have in real-time so you can bounce the bike and settle the suspension confidently.The tool was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leading suspension companies like Factory Connection and Pro Circuit to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool.Slacker has become the standard in off-road, street and adventure bike setup and is now available for MTB.

Includes: 1) Slacker V3 digital suspension tuner with remote display and 1) 6mm hex key axle insert for downhill and XC mountain bikes. (5mm, 6mm and 8mm hex inserts are also available individually)

-Requires thru axles with hex keys to work with our MTB axle inserts. 6mm hex insert and universal fork/seat post adapter are included in this bundle.

-All measurements are shown in real-time on main unit and remote display.
-Far more precise measurements than measuring at the shock.
-Much finer adjustments are possible to get the perfect setup.
-Allows you to bounce the bike to settle the suspension unlike an o-ring.

Measurements are based on the total travel measured in reference to Slacker's positioning on the bike and directly reflects the percentage of travel used at the shock. It is far more accurate and repeatable than measuring at the shock body.

2-Year Limited Warranty-We will repair or replace your Slacker if you have any issues due to the manufacturing defects or material quality. We just require proof of purchase to verify purchase date.

30-day Money Back Guarantee! If your bike doesn't handle better than ever you can return Slacker with no questions asked within 30 days from when it arrives.

Slacker digital suspension tuner overview