Service Assistant Support

 The new Motool Service assistant puts all the Slacker digital suspension tuner docs, videos and recommended settings on your phone. You will find a quick reference guide with recommended sag settings, a full Slacker PDF user guide and a Slacker video user guide for off-road, street and adventure bikes.

If you are a first-time user please follow the the link below the login information labeled "Don't have an account?" to register. Once completed you will receive a confirmation email. Please click the link to confirm your email to be able to access the app. 
The home page gives you access to quick reference guides, complete user guides and video user guides for off-road, street/sport bikes and adventure bikes. 
Choose from any of the resources depending on how detailed the information you need is. I recommend viewing the full video user guide at least once and you can use the quick reference guide and full user guide for quick questions.