Motool Service Assistant 2.0 Support Page

The new Service Assistant V2 app allows you to keep notes and settings on all your off-road, street and adventure motorcycles and full suspension mountain bike too. Keep all your bikes and setting safe and secure in the cloud and accessible from any iOS or Android device with internet connectivity. Also Includes basic Slacker documentation and settings guidelines.
-Add unlimited bikes.
-Add unlimited setup notes.
-Add clicker settings, sag settings and make additional notes for different rides, tracks and conditions.
-Includes off-road, street and adventure motorcycles as well as full suspension mountain bikes from 2015 to current.
-Also includes Slacker documentation for quick reference. -All your data is stored securely on the Google Cloud Platform.
-No ads and we do not sell personal data!
-If you do not see your bike listed, please request a new bike here- New Bike Request.

First you must setup a new login for the app. Your store login for will not work at this point. Click the link "Don't have an account?".

Enter your First and Last name, email address and preferred password. Tap the "signup" button to complete the registration process. You will get a notification that a verification email has been sent to confirm your email address. Once the email arrives you will need to follow the link provided to confirm your identity. If you do not receive the email, please email [email protected] to get a password reset link.

From the main page you can access support documentation, view and select saved bikes and add new bikes by selecting the add bikes icon shown here.

Select the make from the menu.

Select the model from the menu.

Select the year from the menu.

Name the bike and click ADD.

For each bike you will be presented with some generic sag settings and any saved notes. You can delete the bike using the icon in the top right or add new setup notes by clicking on the add notes icon. You can preview any note by simply clicking it in the setup notes section.

Enter any damper and sag settings here. All settings are editable and a brief overview is shown in the bike preview. When updating simply click the save icon in the upper left corner to save changes. You can delete the note using the delete icon in the upper right corner.