Universal Slacker Mount

The Universal Slacker mount is a system designed to allow Slacker to be used anywhere that you can strap it on. There is no limit to the number of applications, from odd sized or Titanium axles on bikes, to taking measurements directly on shocks for off-road trucks, SXS etc. Simply strap the mount on the frame or fork tube, and stick Slacker to the steel mounting disc.  The seat rail loop simply clips on the seat rail to provide or a place to hook the retractable cable. This new system is much faster and more reliable than the old axle inserts and allows you to use the tool on tool-less axles. These are manufactured here locally, on a MakerBot Method 3D printer.

Works with Slacker V2-V4

Includes- 1) Universal Mount, 2) MTB Seat Rail Loops, 1) 12" Cinch Strap, 1) 8" Cinch Strap