Balance is Key

March 06, 2017 1 min read

Superbike Suspension Setup

Whether you ride street or off-road, proper bike balance is key to keeping your bike fast, fun and safe. A balanced chassis will stay settled in the turns and provide an amazing experience behind the bars.The key is to get the proper springs installed and correctly preloaded and proper air pressure if you have air forks. To tell if you have the right springs installed you will need to set your rider sag on both ends of the bike and then take the static/free sag measurement. This is when you take the measurement with the bike under it's own weight and no rider on board. If you have too much static/free sag then your spring is too stiff and if you have too little, the spring is too soft. I know this sounds backwards but if the spring is too stiff, you won't have to preload it much to hold the rider up so you will get a bigger number. You should always take static/free sag measurements after you get the sag set properly with the rider mounted. Once you verify the correct springs are installed then go back and make sure the sag is right and check it regularly as it will change. This will give you a balanced chassis setup that is always predictable, safe and fun. It will assure the bike is setup and performs as the manufacturer intended. 

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