Off-Road Suspension Setup

Off-road racing is a brutally demanding sport and you can't afford to waste energy fighting a bad setup. The fastest way to make sure your bike is always on point is to check your sag regularly and adjust for different tracks and conditions. For faster terrain you can run more sag for high-speed stability and, in tighter woods, run less sag so the bike steers better. Either way you will save tons of energy on a properly setup bike because it will be predictable and handle as the manufacturer intended. Slacker makes setting dirt bike sag fast, precise and simple!

Why is setting sag on off-road and dual sport bikes so important?

Modern dirt bike setup is based on the bike sitting at a particular height and posture with the rider mounted, regardless of the weight of the rider. This means that every rider needs to measure the rider sag and adjust the spring preload so the bike handles properly. In some cases it may be necessary to get heavier or softer springs which can easily be determined by looking at your static sag measurement once your rider sag is set. It is critical to check sag regularly and adjust for different conditions. Even if you have no experience setting up motorcycle suspension, this sag tool makes it super fast and easy to make sure your bike is setup properly and keeps you fast, safe and having fun! With just a couple of simple measurements, you can get your spring preload dialed in and verify if you have the right spring rates installed. Just use our Service Assistant mobile app for recommended settings and tips.

How often should I check my sag?

With dirt bikes we recommend checking it every ride and adjust to find the perfect setting for any given condition. For faster conditions run a little extra sag for stability and for the tight stuff run a little less for better steering.

Do I need to service my dirt bikes suspension?

Yes, you should get the suspension serviced at least every 20-30 hours of riding. As the fluids break down and bushings and seals wear, the suspension will start to perform poorly. Also remember to grease any linkage, pivot points and shock mount points whenever you service the suspension.