Why Sag Is So Important

July 02, 2014 2 min read

How to set sag

For those of your new to motorcycle ownership, you might be wondering why motorcycle sag adjustment is such an important topic. Sag is the amount the suspension compresses under the weight of a given rider and directly affects handling and suspension performance. After all, we’re dealing in mere millimeters here – if you took a car and something was off by an inch or so, that wouldn’t radically affect the way the car performs however, 5mm makes a huge difference in suspension performance and handling on a motorcycle. 

When you set up motorcycle suspension, the smallest difference in sag will significantly affect your bikes handling. Having the right suspension settings ensures that your bike has the right posture, giving you a fun, fast and safe ride. The correct sag settings affect all aspects of motorcycle riding:

Performance– The right sag settings will allow the bike to turn well, handle well in the choppy stuff, keep the power to the ground when exiting turns and give you an overall predictable response across a variety of conditions. When properly setup, the motorcycle suspension will settle properly in the turns, be more stable in the chop and give you positive, predictable performance in whoops, on jump faces, braking bumps etc. When properly setup the bike will calm down and become much more settled inspiring confidence in the rider.

Safety – As mentioned previously, the correct sag settings ensure that your bike is setup specifically for you according to the manufacturers’ specifications. If the sag is off, the bikes handling will suffer dramatically and the bike will become unpredictable. You will also develop bad habits as you compensate for poor handling. With the correct sag settings, you’re able to handle the track with ease, allowing you not only better handling, but more control over your bike, better endurance and therefore more safety.

•  Fun– Face it- from casual rider to pro we all ride to have fun! Proper suspension setupallows you to have more fun on your motorcycle. A properly setup bike will allow you to ride harder for longer since you don’t waste energy fighting the bike.  When the bike is fun, you ride more and become a better rider. Half the game is mental so enjoying the experience is critical during practice, racing and training.

Setting your sag correctly is a critical part of setting up your bike for your weight and ability– and the Slacker digital sag scale makes it fast, easy and accurate! Check it out to learn more!

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