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Slacker V4 Digital Suspension Tuner V4 Ultimate Tuning Bundle

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  • Slacker V4 Digital Suspension Tuner

  • Slacker V4 Wireless Remote

  • Slacker Ballistic Nylon Case

  • Slacker Universal Mount

  • Smartphone Bar Mount

  • Bag of 20 Clear Adhesive Loops

  • Service Assistant Smartphone App

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Now anyone can easily keep their suspension dialed, without any assistance. Checking your suspension regularly, and adjusting for different conditions, will assure you have a safe, fast and fun ride! It will also help you catch any safety issues with your suspension before you find out the hard way.  Slacker is a patented system that makes suspension setup simple for average humans:)

  • Slacker V4
  • Wireless Remote
  • Protective Case
  • Universal Mount
  • Bar Mount
  • Adhesive Loops
  • Service Assistant
Michale Gilbert getting his suspension dialed for MotoAmerica with the Motool Slacker V4


The new Slacker Digital Suspension Tuner V4 is a patented system designed to make suspension setup fast and easy for average humans. Now you can use your Apple® or Android® device as a virtual remote display and save your settings directly to your profile in our free Service Assistant App. You can also add a dedicated wireless remote display if you want to keep it simple. The V4 builds on the first 3 generations of Slackers, and brings all the reliability and precision you have come to expect. Get the most out of every ride with the new Slacker V4 by Motool!

Ben Kelley- Factory Red Bull KTM trusts the Motool Slacker V4 to measure sag.


The new Slacker V4 wireless display extends Slacker's primary display and button functions so you can always have a remote, regardless of whether you have your phone or not. It can be used in tandem with the Virtual remote for simultaneous, multiple display options or as a dedicated remote for those who just want the basics. Just strap it on the bars with the attached hook and loop strap and turn it on and you are off to the races, or at least making sure the bike is dialed before you do! Only compatible with Slacker V4, requires 2) AAA Batteries- Not Included

Motool Slacker ballistic nylon protective case.

Slacker Ballistic Nylon Case

Keep your Slacker safe and sound in this super rugged, weather-resistant ballistic nylon case! The new Slacker ballistic nylon case will hold any Slacker V1 through V4 plus the clip, fork adapter, and remote in the EVA foam insert, as well as the velcro straps, adhesive loops, and remote cable in the zippered mesh pocket in the lid. Features a molded EVA Ballistic Nylon shell with CNC machined EVA foam insert for Slacker.

Motool Slacker V4 Universla Mount for mountain bikes and e-bikes.


The Universal Slacker mount is a system designed to allow Slacker to be used anywherethat you can strap it on. There is no limit to the number of applications, from odd sized orTitanium axles on bikes, to taking measurements directly on shocks for off-road trucks,SXS etc. Simply strap the mount on the frame or fork tube, and stick Slacker to the steel mounting disc.  The seat rail loop simply clips on the seat rail to provide or a place to hook the retractable cable. This new system is much faster and more reliable than the old axle inserts and allows you to use the tool on tool-less axles. These are manufactured here locally, on a MakerBot Method 3D printer.

Works with Slacker V2-V4

Includes- 1) Universal Mount, 2) Seat Rail Loops, 1) 12" Cinch Strap, 1) 8" Cinch Strap

Motool smartphone bar mount for the Slacker V4 virtual remote app


The Slacker V4 Smartphone Bar Mount is a simple, economical bar mount that allows you to easily mount your phone on the handlebars. Simply put it on the bars and tighten the quick adjuster. Then slip the phone between the spring-loaded dog ears and it will hold securely with the no-slip rubber covering. Not intended for use while riding, this is just for taking measurements in place.

Clear adhesive loops for the Motool Slacker V4


Pack of 20 clear adhesive loops provide a place to hook the cable where the universal clip can not be used. These allow slacker to be used on the rear of street and adventure bikes by providing an attachment for the retractable cable on the rear bodywork or saddle bags. Also work great for off-road bikes.

Motool Service Assistant app with Slacker V4 Virtual Remote Display.


Now you can store all your bikes, settings, and setup notes securely in the cloud!
The new Service Assistant V4 app allows you to keep notes and settings on all your off-road, street, and adventure motorcycles, e-bikes and full-suspension mountain bikes too. Keep all your bikes and setting safe and secure in the cloud and accessible from any iOS or Android device with internet connectivity. Also Includes Slacker Virtual Remote so you can save measurements directly to your setup notes!